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Anatomy 101: 8 Poses to Strengthen Your Wrists + Prevent Injury

Originally Published on yogajournal.com by Ray Long, MD Each time you vinyasa your wrists bear weight. Without the proper support, this can lead to injury. Use these poses to help build strength in your wrists and core. The key to protecting your wrists is—surprise!—a strong core. Evidence-based medicine demonstrates that a strong core can increase the […]

Try These Trends To Attract Top Talent

Originally published on Forbes.com by Cheryl Conner This week I revisited a great friend, Amelia Wilcox. Amelia is the Utah-based founder of Incorporate Massage who collaborated with me a year ago on this article: 6 Ways to Increase Employee Morale and Performance Without Giving a Raise.  More than 55,000 readers have enjoyed that article so […]

Taking Corporate Yoga to the ‘Suits’ in Hong Kong

Originally Published on cnn.com by Diego Laje Hong Kong (CNN) — Like other major financial centers such as London, Shanghai or New York, Hong Kong is home to legions of suited workers toiling long hours in vast, glass towers at breakneck speed. But in this crowded, materialistic city, there’s a man trying to build a […]

Pilates – The Other Mat

Originally Published in Yoga Journal by Stacie Stukin Through years of yoga classes, I’ve gamely moved into Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon Pose) hundreds of times—balancing precariously with one hand on the floor, the other reaching skyward, and one leg shooting back from my hips. I thought I had it mastered. Then I enrolled in a […]

Incorporating Corporate Yoga

Original article in Yoga Journal BY NANCY WOLFSON Just after sunrise, I am lying on the floor of Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. Next to me are 14 other students from the Market Development department at MTV Networks, here on a two-day corporate team-building retreat. The program includes sports, hikes, a croquet […]

Mindfulness | How to Live in the Moment and Get Work Done

Originally Published in Fast Company by Jenny Dearborn Clearing your mind and living in the moment isn’t about putting productivity on hold. You can be more profitable with less brain clutter.   JENNY DEARBORN If you are like me, you probably find yourself multitasking more, yet feeling like it really isn’t benefiting you. As a society, we’re […]

5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk

Originally Published in Mind Body Green by Jen Kluczkowski Notice the position of your body right now. Are you slumped over in a chair? Are your shoulders collapsing in towards each other? Is your neck tilted down? If you’re sitting at your desk, chances are high you answered yes to all. This body posture literally […]