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Our mission at Urban Balance is to make being healthier and happier easier.

The journey to create Urban Balance began in the middle of a rush hour traffic jam. I was running late from work and scrambling to get to a yoga studio across town when the irony struck me. I laughed out loud, thinking how funny it was to be stressing and rushing to get to my yoga class just so I could slow down, chant Om and bend my body and mind back into a peaceful state.
I imagined how nice it would be if I could bring the yoga studio to my workplace and in that moment, the seed for Urban Balance was planted.

I started conducting extensive market research and meeting with local companies to discuss their views on workplace wellness and what was important to them. It became clear these managers were more than willing to invest in a new kind of program. A program that was easier to implement and designed to maximize employee engagement. A program based on what employees were most frequently requesting. A program customized for each unique corporate culture.

I had been enjoying a career as a sought-after Yoga and Pilates instructor for over 12 years, working with elite Portlanders and busy executives, one on one and at the Multnomah Athletic Club. And after developing a successful test program for Legacy Hospital, my goal became clear – I wanted to bring Yoga, Pilates, and mediation to the workplace for everyone- not only those who could afford costly private classes.

I had a mission to make self-care at work easier, convenient and manageable for employees who are too busy and over-stressed. My goal with Urban Balance is to make a tangible, positive impact on both employers and employees – making work and life happy, peaceful, and balanced.

I know that finding balance is challenge and that’s why I believe we must make it EASIER for self-care to be a priority. Urban Balance is constantly evolving to accommodate the changing demands on both employers and employees. We are excited to announce the launch of our most comprehensive workplace wellness program to date– adding nutrition, massage, educational opportunities and a wide variety of new movement classes to enhance all aspects of wellness.

I have worked with marketing experts, business coaches and countless HR and C-suite representatives to determine what defines a successful program. Each program is customized based on data from both employer and employee surveys and we offer marketing and program support so we can maximize results. We focus our energy on helping businesses reach their wellness goals, increase participation, improve engagement scores, reduce absenteeism and lower health claims.

I am excited for the future of Urban Balance and look forward to our role in providing employees (and employers) a balanced, healthy and happy life!

Rebecca Schefstrom, Owner of Urban Balance

Rebecca’s Pilates classes are a great combination of strength and flexibility. She’s instructive and encouraging and manages to tailor the classes so new students feel welcome alongside long-time practitioners. Pilates made a quick and lasting impact on all my daily activities; I encourage everyone to at least try it!

– Anna Browne, ABC | Senior Editor and Writer,
The Standard Corporate Communications

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