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The Urban Balance content library is an on-demand wellbeing solution that empowers users to customize their own self-care routine. Perfect for individuals OR organizations seeking a well-rounded platform employees can access anytime, anywhere. 

Yoga | Meditation | Nutrition Talks | Cooking Demos | HIIT | Pilates | Barre Sculpt | Tai Chi & Qigong | Wellness/Self-Care

What’s Inside

easy-to-use platform 

4 featured classes in each category, with new content rotated in regularly. This helps reduce decision fatigue, allowing employees to start practicing sooner. 

& Choice 

350+ on-demand classes are available in various lengths and categories, which offers flexibility for hybrid employees and shift workers. Employees can engage with the content when it’s most convenient for them. 


Education-based classes led by certified, experienced, down-to-earth wellness professionals who prioritize accessibility. Categories include movement, nutrition, meditation and mindfulness, and wellness webinars. 

Employees gain unlimited access to hundreds of tools, exercises & resources to support whole-person wellness, health and optimal wellbeing.

Additional benefits include:

Optional quarterly employee surveys to track company-wide engagement 

Complementary flyers & email campaigns to help promote the membership platform 

Monthly new member report to help track employee participation 

Option to combine company-wide on-demand library membership with any of our live offerings found here. 

Individual memberships available in monthly or yearly subscriptions. These memberships include a 7-day free trial.


Meditation: Don’t Believe Everything You Think | Heather | 15 mins

What if someone told you that you were not your thoughts? While this idea sounds simple and logical, putting it to practice can be transformative. In this session, we will work with a meditation technique to help us settle our busy minds and offer a bit of perspective on our relationship to our thoughts.

Wellness & Self-Care

Wellness Webinar: The ABC’s of Self-Compassion | Sara Rose | 60 mins

Life is full of ups and downs. It is a gift to offer ourselves compassion during challenging times. Self-compassion creates resiliency for ourselves and allows us to extend true compassion to others. Learn a simple and potent technique that will create a self-compassion practice for yourself.

Nutrition Talks & Cooking Demos

Nutrition & Cooking: Healthier Homemade Takeout | Alexa

Learn how to make healthier versions of some classic go-to takeout dishes including a cauliflower orange “chicken”, turkey lettuce wraps, homemade teriyaki sauce, and a veggie packed fried rice. You’ll love how easy and tasty these recipes are!


Restorative Yoga: Be Authentic | Phoebe | 60 mins

In order to be authentic with others, we first must be authentic with ourselves. Connect to your truth in this slow, steady restorative practice.

Props: yoga mat


Pilates: Double The Fun! | Sarah | 60 mins

In this beginner Pilates mat class, we will do two variations of many of the exercises, so you can feel different muscles, and double your fun!


HIIT: Lower Body Low Impact Workout | Becca | 30 mins

This workout consists of a warm-up followed by a lower-body circuit. I completed two rounds in 30 min. This is a great strengthening workout if you don’t feel like doing cardio.

Equipment/household items: 2 chairs, 1 for lunges and 1 for balance, Powerband, Glider or socks or cds.

HIIT: Full Body Glider HIIT | Becca | 30 mins

This workout consists of a warm-up followed by a full-body HIIT workout using hand weights and gliders. I completed 2 rounds in 30 min.

Equipment/household items: Hand weights (I am using 8 lb but use what you have, canned food or water bottles), gliders (CDs, or magazine or socks).

Barre Sculpt

Barre/Sculpt: Barre Burn | Jennifer | 60 mins

It’s a full body workout today using micro movements. “Just an inch.” Connect with your low abs and magnetic holds. A couple of movements are on repeat so you’ll get to focus on your form.

*Household Prop Items / Equipment: Chair, Hand Weights or Canned Food/Goods. It’s okay if you don’t have a prop you can still do the exercises without it.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi & Qigong Class #9 | Trace | 60 mins

This class series focuses on learning and practicing a short, beautiful taijiquan (t’ai chi ch’uan) form called Wudang Taiji 18. Each class will begin with warming up and bringing awareness to the body through the Chinese healing art of qigong. This class is designed for all levels and is easily customized for health and mobility concerns.

Props: A yoga mat is preferred when working on a hard or slippery surface. Please wear loose clothing and bare feet or sneakers.