The Great Resignation and Your Employee Wellness Strategy

The Great Resignation and Your Employee Wellness Strategy

by Kasey Stewart

Many employees are on the move in search of greener pastures. There is a record 9.2 million job openings in the US and not enough employees to fill them. The power dynamic has shifted; employees are using this time to ask for the working conditions and benefits that support the lifestyle they aspire to – and employers would be wise to pay attention.

With the ‘Great Resignation’ underway, there is no better time to assess and re-vamp your corporate wellness program to best meet current employees’ needs, while piquing the interest of prospective team members.

The Great Resignation is a term coined by Anthony Klotz, associate professor of management at Texas A&M University, to describe the mass exodus of employees leaving their jobs post-pandemic in search of more fulfilling options.

The pandemic has led people to contemplate the meaning of life and assess what they truly want out of it, bringing into question the value in being chained to an office cubicle from 9-5 (or in some cases, much longer) when more flexible opportunities exist aligned with their larger goals exist.


Employees are expecting more than just money.

By now, many companies know the value of supporting employees in all dimensions of wellbeing.

According to WorldatWork’s “Workplace Well-Being Trends” survey, 61% of HR leaders said demand for well-being programs has increased in their organization in recent months, as has employee utilization (up 63%).

The survey highlights that a culture of care focused on the whole person is the factor that ultimately leads to a more engaged, resilient, and therefore successful workforce.

Here at Urban Balance, we believe that building a culture of care extends beyond supporting individuals, and into creating an environment where the collective is valued and employees are encouraged to build community with one another as they move through their days.


Use your employee wellness strategy to build community and create meaningful connection.

In a recent report from Business Group on Health, 64% of large companies surveyed said their employee wellness plan included programming that emphasized social connectedness and 21% said they were considering adding more of this in the future.

In a world where many employees will continue to work from home at least part-time, and where app-based wellness programs focused more on individual progress have become a common corporate wellness solution, factoring in opportunities for employees to connect with one another via livestream classes and webinars creates a refreshing opportunity for them to take a break from work and come together.

On-demand, app-based programming is a fantastic solution for companies looking for convenience and the ability to offer a piece of content for a certain period of time. The only downside is the lack of personal connection between presenter or teacher and employees, as well as a missed opportunity for employees to build connections with one another.

This is a gap that we aim to fill with our livestream programming. Employees meet at a certain time each week for a group yoga experience, or maybe a few times per month for special webinars to help keep them on track with their nutrition, finances, or mental well-being.

Livestream wellness offerings are a great way to connect existing employees and welcome new ones to the team. There is a sense of connection and camaraderie that forms within these groups. It’s something we’ve seen first-hand throughout the pandemic and that we look forward to continuing as we all settle into the next phase of pandemic life together.

In Conclusion

The coming months will present an opportunity for companies to do right by their employees so they can live better and work better. This period of turnover may feel daunting for those working in HR/talent acquisition. Many uncertainties still exist, and finding the right culture balance through the turmoil and turnover will be challenging.

However, once everything shakes out, the most positive outcome we can imagine is that employees will find themselves in a job/workplace where they feel engaged, supported, and satisfied – the ultimate win-win for all.

Employees are uprooting their lives in search of greater meaning, inspiration, and connection. How will your company address this need?


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