Navigating Employee Wellbeing in the Hybrid Workplace

by Kasey Stewart

In the latest phase of pandemic recovery, companies across the country are embracing a formal shift toward a hybrid work environment. Many are in the process of welcoming employees back into corporate offices this summer, while others are in the planning stages for a larger-scale return in the fall.

This shift in work environments, along with a changing labor market, is prompting companies to invest in their physical workspaces and their team – everything from office renovations to beefed up benefits packages – in an attempt to retain employees and enhance their experience.

A recent report from Microsoft paints a detailed picture of the current state of affairs. According to Microsoft’s 2021 Work Trend Index Annual Report, a notable 66% of leaders said their company is considering re-designing its office space for hybrid work. On the employee side, 73% of workers surveyed want flexible remote work options to continue, while 67% are ready for more in-person time with their teammates.

These statistics paint a clear picture – permanent changes are coming to the way we work, and both companies and employees are on board. The report even goes so far as to frame hybrid work as “the next great disruption”.

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November 2020

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Corporate Wellness Program Strategy: 3 Ways HR Teams Can Recommit to Their Employees This Fall

by Kasey Stewart, UB Team Member and Yoga Instructor

As we welcome September and the change of seasons, it is clear that we are heading into a fall like none other. How are you pivoting your employee wellness strategy to compensate?

Of course, there are still many unknowns that may pose challenges for your company, but what can your corporate wellness program strategy look like despite these unknowns? This transitional time is a great moment to acknowledge what is possible, given the circumstances.

Here are a few tips to help you prioritize employee wellness this fall:
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