Try These Trends To Attract Top Talent

Originally published on by Cheryl Conner

This week I revisited a great friend, Amelia Wilcox. Amelia is the Utah-based founder of Incorporate Massage who collaborated with me a year ago on this article: 6 Ways to Increase Employee Morale and Performance Without Giving a Raise

More than 55,000 readers have enjoyed that article so far. Since our collaboration I’ve become a client of her business (much to my employees’ delight). And we finally met in person, over a girls-in-entrepreneurship lunch.

Clearly the battle for top talent is bigger than ever. When we met, I asked Wilcox for an update on the trends she’s seeing today. Here’s what she said.

Today’s employment market is even more competitive than last year. Companies across the U.S. are struggling to secure the top talent they need, resulting in a battlefield replete with a growing spectrum of perks and benefits to reel desirable applicants in.

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Successful Work Wellness Programs & Their Amazing Benefits

Originally Published in Courier Mail 

These four workplaces have got work/life balance down pat. Prepare yourself for some serious office envy.

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