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On Virtual Wellness Retreats (and How Your Employees Can Benefit)

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “retreat”? You might think of traveling to a remote location in pursuit of a self-care experience, free from the distractions of work and family. “Retreat” comes from the Latin verb – “to pull back”. Indeed, no matter the style or location of a retreat, one of […]

Corporate Wellness Program Strategy: 3 Ways HR Teams Can Recommit to Their Employees This Fall

by Kasey Stewart, UB Team Member and Yoga Instructor As we welcome September and the change of seasons, it is clear that we are heading into a fall like none other. How are you pivoting your employee wellness strategy to compensate? Of course, there are still many unknowns that may pose challenges for your company, […]

4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Feel More Connected in Your Life

The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning to yolk, unite, or connect – and it’s not a wonder so many people have begun turning to yoga in recent years, since this definition names the primary benefit that many yoga practitioners experience. It was predicted several years ago that something like 55 million people worldwide […]

Cultivating Spiritual Wellness In Challenging Times

Spiritual wellness, one of the 8 dimensions of wellness, asks us to consider how we make meaning of life’s events, including those that are difficult to process. Perhaps the most common association made with spirituality its link with religious practice, but this is certainly not the only path. The word “spirit” is derived from Latin […]