4 Ways Yoga Can Help You Feel More Connected in Your Life

The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit word meaning to yolk, unite, or connect – and it’s not a wonder so many people have begun turning to yoga in recent years, since this definition names the primary benefit that many yoga practitioners experience.

It was predicted several years ago that something like 55 million people worldwide would be practicing yoga by 2020. A significant portion of that growth has occurred in the last decade alone. According to a Yoga Alliance study, there are over 36 million active yogis in America. Between 2012-2016, the number of Americans practicing rose from roughly 20 million to 37 million, raising the participation rate by around 50% over those 4 years. People are practicing in settings from studios to on-site corporate wellness spaces, to even their living rooms, especially here in the age of Covid. Read more

Restorative Yoga for Winter Wellness

Restorative Yoga for Winter Wellness

As we move head-on into the holidays, it’s not uncommon to hear colleagues, friends (and even ourselves!) talk about a heightened experience of busy-ness.

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