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Cultivating Spiritual Wellness In Challenging Times

Spiritual wellness, one of the 8 dimensions of wellness, asks us to consider how we make meaning of life’s events, including those that are difficult to process. Perhaps the most common association made with spirituality its link with religious practice, but this is certainly not the only path. The word “spirit” is derived from Latin […]

Live or Pre-Recorded Wellness Classes: Which is right for your company?

Here in today’s corporate wellness landscape, companies everywhere are transitioning their on-site employee wellness offerings to virtual programs, or they may be seeking this type of programming anew as a means to support their employees through this challenging time. If you’re in the field of human resources or employee benefits and are exploring virtual wellness […]

The 8 Dimensions of Well-Being & How to Stay Connected with them at Work

“Well-being” – it’s a somewhat ubiquitous term that describes the state of being characterized by one’s overall degree of health, prosperity, and contentment. Often preceded by an even more universally understood term, “health”, well-being is about making adjustments to your routines that allow you to live life to its fullest capacity. It’s about cultivating positive […]