Live or Pre-Recorded Wellness Classes: Which is right for your company?

Live or Pre-Recorded Wellness Classes: Which is right for your company?

Here in today’s corporate wellness landscape, companies everywhere are transitioning their on-site employee wellness offerings to virtual programs, or they may be seeking this type of programming anew as a means to support their employees through this challenging time.

If you’re in the field of human resources or employee benefits and are exploring virtual wellness solutions for your team, the number of choices available out there can seem a bit daunting. One question that often arises is how to decide between livestream and pre-recorded classes. Here are a few benefits of each:

Live classes:

  • allow your team to see each other and connect in a new way
  • invite employees to take a break at a specific time every day
  • provide an interactive environment that allows the teacher to give options tailored to who is present

Pre-recorded classes:

  • an affordable option for companies with budget restraints
  • employees may access when it’s convenient for them
  • unlimited number of views — great for employees who want to be able to review information given in a webinar, or repeat a movement practice they enjoyed

And, when you choose Urban Balance to administer your workplace wellness program, here’s what to expect — no matter which medium you choose:

  • We’ll coordinate everything for you — all you’ll need to do is relay the information to your employees.
  • Your company will receive its own password-protected page on our website through which employees will access their classes, as well as an instructional PDF on how to join.
  • We are also happy to provide you with flyers and other marketing materials to help you promote the classes internally – just ask!

Corporate wellness classes including movement, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition and more are such essential tools when it comes to boosting resilience and fostering the agility that both individuals and companies will need to navigate within the “new normal”. Whether it’s a live, weekly connection with a teacher you’re looking for, or a library of video content your employees can draw from as needed, we look forward to helping your company make a smooth transition into the world of virtual wellness.

Urban Balance is the premiere provider of comprehensive on-site corporate wellness services in Portland, Oregon. We deliver yoga, Pilates, meditation, massage, nutrition and learning opportunities to the office environment for happier employees and a healthier bottom line.

We are pleased to be delivering many of these services virtually. View our Virtual Wellness Services catalog here. If your Portland, Oregon area company is ready to step up its corporate wellness programming, contact us today to learn how Urban Balance can support your team and wellness goals!