5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do At Your Desk

Originally Published in Mind Body Green by Jen Kluczkowski

Notice the position of your body right now. Are you slumped over in a chair? Are your shoulders collapsing in towards each other? Is your neck tilted down? If you’re sitting at your desk, chances are high you answered yes to all. This body posture literally closes off our centers for communication and intuition.

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Is Your Office Space Yoga-able?

Originally published in the Huffington Post by Lauren Coles

Is your office space yoga-able? Don’t assume there isn’t enough space in your office for a regular yoga or meditation practice. My clients are often surprised by how easy it is to convert their daily workspace into a refuge for inner peace. As the founder of an office yoga company, I have taught yoga in virtually every possible space. Here are my top five most yoga-able office spaces.

Office Lounge

In many new offices, especially at tech companies, there is desk-free space. Perhaps it’s the section in the center of the office with couches. Maybe it’s the room where the ping pong table lives. Even the kitchen/lunch room area can be used during off hours. Furniture in these spaces is easy to move, and a cheap divider or folding screens can be put up for added privacy if the space is open to the rest of the office.

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