Why your company should curate classes for employees instead of offering flex dollars

Why your company should curate classes for employees instead of offering flex dollars

By Phoebe Schiff


If your company offers a Wellness Spending Account or any type of flexible wellness dollars for employees, it may be time to consider adding live classes that bring employees together in community, promote accountability, and offer a source of stability.


Employee turnover, new talent acquisition, relocation to physical offices, changing policies, and a general feeling of disarray are just a few of the experiences companies are undergoing.


With all of this in the background, Wellness Spending Accounts and flexible wellness dollars are important resources for employees to feel like they have support.


However, offering people flexible spending for wellness services in stressful moments like this doesn’t compare to the shared experience of curated, community-oriented wellness services like live yoga classes, meditation, nutrition classes, and wellness webinars


Without the accountability and community aspect of live, curated classes, it’s easy to let wellness fall to the bottom of people’s priority list. However, pre-scheduled, tailored classes that bring employees together in a context that’s outside of the stressors of work is an essential piece to promote employee retention, talent acquisition, and a general feeling of stability and well-being.


There is plenty of merit to giving employees the luxury of flexible wellness spending that allows them to go to movement classes, attend workshops and build their own wellness practices.


However, there are an overwhelming amount of wellness options available online. So many, in fact, that it’s easy for employees to become paralyzed in trying to choose a class, and end up not doing any at all.


That’s why customized, curated, and pre-scheduled live movement, meditation, nutrition, and wellness classes that cater to the unique culture and demographics of companies are an essential resource to provide right now.


The turbulence of change makes people crave stability, community and accountability.


Weekly classes offer refuge for those who feel stressed, disconnected, and out of practice. They are a sanctuary for employees to connect with themselves and others, feel the support of the practitioner, and nourish themselves with movement, meditation, nutrition, and/or wellness education.


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