Corporate Wellness Program Strategy: 3 Ways HR Teams Can Recommit to Their Employees This Fall

by Kasey Stewart, UB Team Member and Yoga Instructor

As we welcome September and the change of seasons, it is clear that we are heading into a fall like none other. How are you pivoting your employee wellness strategy to compensate?

Of course, there are still many unknowns that may pose challenges for your company, but what can your corporate wellness program strategy look like despite these unknowns? This transitional time is a great moment to acknowledge what is possible, given the circumstances.

Here are a few tips to help you prioritize employee wellness this fall:

1. Focus on getting organized.
Covid has thrown just about everyone for a loop wellness-wise, but ask yourself what you can do to re-group. Whether it’s brainstorming ways to support employees re-entering the workplace, coming up with creative ways to work with new Covid guidelines, or preparing for this year’s open enrollment period, embrace the energy of Virgo season to help you get organized physically and mentally.

2. Customize your approach to support the needs of your unique employees.
2020 has been an unprecedented year – one that has affected everyone a little differently. This means that your employees’ needs may vary, which is one reason why it can be helpful to diversify your offerings. Instead of offering only one type of movement class, try making 2-3 different styles available as your budget allows. Or, instead of offering a one-off webinar, consider scheduling a series of webinars with complementary topics to provide employees with an array of self-care tools.

A few other ideas to help you shape your wellness program:

  • Set up one or more weekly live or pre-recorded yoga classes – for example, try pairing a more energizing yoga stylelike Hatha with a yin or restorative class.
  • Introduce employees to the calm and focus available to them through meditation.
  • Schedule a virtual wellness retreat – trust us, your employees will thank you for this one!
  • Offer a bundle of virtual nutrition & cooking classes — help employees learn new skills in the kitchen to support them eating well throughout the work week.

Based on client feedback we’ve received, all of the above activities can greatly impact employee morale and help to reduce stress levels.

3. Look for opportunities to build employee connection.
Whether socially-distanced or fully virtual, look for more loosely-structured ways to help your employees connect and build community. A Friday afternoon Zoom meet-up or a casual, in-person, outdoor hangout can boost employees’ sense of well-being and make a big difference in their work week.
The relationship you have with your team is so important, as is your relationship with your wellness program provider. One of the benefits to pivoting toward ongoing virtual services is that even with the inevitable curveballs life tosses out, there is an inherent flexibility built in that allows companies like Urban Balance us to pivot along with you, ensuring you’ll be supported every step of the way.

If you work in human resources management or another leadership position, may you find the spark of inspiration needed to help you recommit to your team this fall. And remember — we’re here to support you and help you meet the moment, uncertainty and all.

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