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7 Wellness Services to Integrate into Corporate Meetings and Events

Does your organization have a conference, training, or all-company meeting coming up? Promote workplace wellbeing by adding holistic corporate wellness services to the agenda.

Including wellness services in these types of events provides attendees with opportunities to rest, digest, and re-energize, striking a balance between work and self-care within an otherwise busy event schedule. Services like yoga & movement, meditation & breathwork, and massage can help attendees move through the day feeling more focused, centered, and engaged. This helps to ensure they get the most out of the experience and increases the likelihood your company can call the event a success.

There are many ways to incorporate holistic wellness services into events, but the best strategy is to make sure the offerings are relevant to what employees or attendees really need. Important topics in corporate wellness right now include employee mental health, the role of exercise in mental wellbeing, creating a culture of belonging and care at work, and recovering from and preventing burnout.

The following holistic corporate wellness services make a powerful addition to both virtual and in-person events:

  • Keynote Speakers
    Conferences and meetings revolve around business needs, but they are also about human connection. Create a culture of wellbeing within your event by inviting speakers who motivate and inspire on topics related to employee wellbeing.
  • Chair Yoga
    Chair yoga pairs well with many different corporate events, especially those where attendees are sitting in an event room for extended periods of time without much space to move around, or they are attending virtually and are glued to their screens for hours on end. No special props or clothing are required for chair yoga. Attendees may practice just as they are.
  • Breathwork & Meditation
    Even a minute or two of conscious breathing has been shown to create a measurable increase in focus, concentration, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Bring in a meditation teacher to guide attendees through a simple, yet profound experience of noticing their breath and feeling into the present moment.
  • Mindfulness Talks & Guided Meditation
    Mindfulness talks and meditation sessions make a nice addition to the start or end of a meeting or even a midday break. These offerings help attendees move into a more relaxed, cooperative headspace and feel more connected with the present moment so they can engage meaningfully throughout the day.
  • Wellness Webinars
    Hosting a virtual event? Wellness webinars make a terrific addition to the day. No matter where employees are attending from, they can tune in and explore wellness topics designed to enhance their life, from living more simply and creating healthy habits to recovering from burnout.
  • Nutrition Talks
    Help attendees make sound nutritional choices both during the event and in their daily lives with nutrition talks. Led by certified nutritionists, these webinar-style presentations are packed with nutrition facts, insights, and tips to educate employees while empowering them to make skillful dietary choices.
  • Chair Massage
    Bring in massage therapists to offer chair massage to attendees in short intervals. A long-time staple in the landscape of corporate wellness offerings, chair massage is known to benefit busy professionals in a variety of ways. It can reduce stress, enhance circulation, boost the immune system, relieve pain, and even act as a mood-booster.

Work with True Wellness Professionals

When choosing workplace wellness vendors for your event, be sure you are collaborating with credentialed professionals who are able to adapt their classes or services to meet the needs of different groups and individuals. The Urban Balance team of wellness providers understands how to adjust their presentation style to match a company’s culture and ensure their classes flow efficiently and effectively.

Interested in planning a virtual wellness retreat, wellness week, or employee health fair? Visit our website to discover our full range of event options.


*When working with Urban Balance, on-site services are available in the Portland Metro area only. Virtual events are available worldwide.



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