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5 Reasons to Include Employee Wellness Webinars in your Workplace Wellness Strategy

The ongoing strain on employees’ mental health and sense of psychological safety at work is taking an enormous toll on today’s workforce. According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 Report, based on surveys which were conducted in 2021 and released in June of this year, employee stress and detachment at work remain at an all-time high, second only to the results of the same Gallup surveys done in 2020.

Among the shifts needed to improve these circumstances, employees need to know their employer is well-attuned to their individual needs and is dependable in supporting them. This support is essential because while many employees know they would be well-served to engage in activities that support their overall wellbeing such as movement and exercise, making nourishing food choices, and getting quality sleep, the demands of work ultimately pull them away from their goals.

Some employees can become addicted to busyness, stress, achievement, and people-pleasing without recognizing it. The urge to stay busy at the expense of wellbeing can even be a trauma response in some individuals. The pull toward stress and overwork becomes even harder to break away from in workplaces where external validation for these tendencies is everywhere.

With all of this being the case, there is a need for employee benefits teams to skillfully curate programming that is creative, varied, offered consistently, and is relevant to employees’ current needs. One approach HR managers, wellness coordinators, and employee benefits professionals can take is to offer regular employee wellness webinars, which introduce important topics related to holistic wellbeing and can help bridge the gap between where employees are across the dimensions of wellbeing, and where they want to be.

Here are 5 top benefits of offering employee wellness webinars:

They are a convenient type of programming for today’s hybrid workers.

In hybrid workplaces, employee wellness webinars hold a similar space to lunch & learn sessions, only they are delivered virtually and thus, can be accessed no matter where your team is working.

They help integrate health and wellness habits into the company culture.

Consistently offering webinars inspires the adoption of healthy habits and curiosity about new avenues for growth. Both employees and management might consider ways to integrate the information, not only personally, but companywide.

They promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace through engagement around holistic topics.

Uniting employees around the common goal of improved wellbeing empowers everyone involved and can help to jump-start conversations around supporting mental wellbeing on both a personal and organizational level. With so much uncertainty, change and trauma in the world, which is not separate from our workplaces, ongoing support for mental wellbeing will remain essential.

They encourage employees to build self-awareness and accountability.

Whether live and interactive or on-demand, wellness webinars give employees space to reflect on how the topic relates to their current life and start asking questions. What might they add to or let go of in their life? What shifts in thinking are necessary? What support might they ask for from their boss or their peers? Holistic employee wellness webinars can create an opening for this type of inquiry.

They include practical takeaways employees can implement in their everyday lives.

By engaging with webinar topics in the group format, employees will pick up new tools and ideas they can integrate into their regular routine. They will also gain insight into challenges their co-workers might be facing, which can lead to increased empathy.

In summary:

Incorporating employee wellness webinars into your corporate wellness plan can help your company create a culture shift that puts employees first and gives rise to a new standard of employee wellbeing.


Employee Wellness Webinars with Urban Balance

Guided by wellness professionals who are skilled at holding space and normalizing the many different employee experiences related to the topic at hand, our presenters encourage participation while inspiring comfort in their audiences.

When you work with us as a wellness webinar provider, you can schedule a single webinar, or a bundle of 3 or 6 for added impact. View all of our bundle and program options here.

These may be offered via livestream presentation, with or without a recording. Both are great options for those looking for an interactive group activity. Webinars are also available via on-demand video giving employees the convenience of being able to view at any time.

Want an expanded, yet flexible learning experience?

Consider an on-demand wellness webinar series. We’ll work with you to curate an impactful array of webinars that meet employees where they are to inspire learning and growth.

Browse a wide array of topics related to general holistic wellbeing, financial wellbeing, and environmental wellbeing, then contact us to get started!


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