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Embracing and Navigating Workplace Wellness Trends in 2024

As we approach 2024, it is important for companies to note how the landscape of workplace wellness is evolving and assess where their employees are in relation to these shifts. Human resources, people operations, and employee benefits professionals are encouraged to monitor the yearly trends in order to deliver corporate wellness programming that is relevant to the moment, meets employees’ diverse and present needs, and boosts engagement across teams.

This blog explores some key corporate wellness trends to watch in 2024 and offers ideas to help you transform your workplace and help your employees thrive in the coming year.


Embracing Occupational Wellness
Enter ‘Quiet Thriving’

In 2024, a focus on occupational wellness, one of the 8 dimensions of wellbeing, is set to take center stage, emphasizing quiet thriving, employee resilience, and adaptability in the workplace. This trend promotes an environment that nurtures overall employee wellbeing and success.

Quiet Thriving is a term coined by psychotherapist Lesley Alderman. As she describes in her recent Washington Post piece, this concept is all about employees making mental shifts and taking actions that help them feel empowered and engaged at work. This might include setting intentions, taking breaks for fun or wellness-boosting activities, or joining an interest group either in or out of the workplace.

Employers also have a role to play here – thriving is not just an individual pursuit. Employers should seek to adopt new policies and procedures, adapt existing ones, and embrace overall organizational changes that support their efforts to thrive and be resilient in the face of workplace stress.


Sustained Spotlight on Mental Wellbeing
Psychological Safety and Belonging Remain Key Areas of Focus

According to the American Psychological Association’s 2023 Work in America Survey survey, 92% of workers reported that it’s important to them to work for an organization that values their emotional and psychological wellbeing. 77% of workers reported feeling satisfied to some degree with the mental health and wellbeing support they receive from their employers. At the same time, 55% of employers felt their employer thought their workplace was more mentally healthy than it truly was. This indicates that there is room for improvement in the coming year.

While traditional mental health benefits like employee assistance programs, therapy, and flexible work arrangements should always come first, these measures can be supplemented with holistic wellness offerings like meditation and breathwork sessions, movement classes, and even massage, all of which can positively impact mental wellbeing by reducing stress.


Sustainability in Employee Wellbeing
Explore the Intersection of Environmental Stewardship, Sustainable Programming and Individual Wellbeing

Sustainability has emerged as a pivotal element in crafting holistic and enduring corporate wellness programs. By integrating sustainability into employee wellness initiatives, organizations nurture a culture of wellbeing that is not only supportive but also enduring. This approach which, could include everything from environmental wellness webinars to an overall emphasis on steady participation in ongoing weekly holistic wellness classes and webinars to improving office ergonomics aligns with the ethos of creating workplaces where individuals can flourish while contributing to a sustainable future for their organization, and for the world.


Financial Education Programs
Encourage a Holistic Approach to Financial Wellbeing

Organizations are recognizing the interconnectedness of financial health with overall employee wellbeing. In 2024, workplaces will increasingly offer financial wellness and education programs to empower employees with the knowledge and tools for better financial wellbeing. With the rising cost of living, uneven wage growth, and the increasing number of individuals with record credit card and student loan debt to manage, these services can provide needed stress reduction around money matters and help employees to take inspired action around their finances.


Embracing Technological Solutions
Empower Employees by Incorporating Technology for Enhanced Wellbeing

This trend caters to the modern workforce’s demand for flexibility and customized, on-demand content, and encompasses a range of tech-based solutions, from health apps to virtual wellbeing platforms, shaping the future of workplace wellness Enter the era of on-demand wellness platforms, empowering employees to access wellbeing resources and content conveniently. This trend caters to the modern workforce’s demand for flexibility and customized, on-demand wellness solutions. Companies will continue to actively explore technological solutions to enhance employee wellbeing. This broader trend encompasses a range of tech-based solutions, from health apps to virtual wellbeing platforms, shaping the future of workplace wellness.

By incorporating these trends into your organizational strategy, you pave the way for a workplace that prioritizes the wellbeing and success of every individual.


Dive Deeper into Workplace Wellbeing: Planning for 2024

When it comes to executing a successful workplace wellness program, consistency is key. At Urban Balance, we advocate for a comprehensive approach to holistic wellbeing at work and recommend that companies offer a well-rounded blend of holistic services and benefits, choosing those that are most compatible with their unique employees’ needs and interests. Whether it’s ongoing yoga or movement classes, monthly on-site chair massage sessions, or company-wide employee membership to an on-demand wellness class platform, your journey to a thriving employee population begins here. When your employees thrive, so does your organization.



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